You can find here some projects from me

  • micro64

    Aimed to become the most accurate C64 Emulator.
    A High-End Computer is strongly recommended.

    The highly advanced successor of brotkaestchen (fr-051) from BeRo / farbrausch.

  • hyper64

    Aimed to become the fastest C64 Emulator.
    It's powered by a 6510-to-X86 Dynarec Engine.

    Hyper64 is a working proof-of-concept of an experimental C64 emulator implementation without resorting to a conventional CPU emulation, but instead utilizing a realtime dynamic recompilation engine – which disassembles, analyzes and re-assembles the 6510 machine code as native 32-bit x86 code. It further uses a fast translation code cache.

    The A, X and Y registers of the 6510 are mapped to the x86 AL, BL and CL registers and the 6510 flags are mapped via the x86 SAHF/LAHF opcodes.
    Although this yields to a lot of speed emulation-wise, it also has the side-effect of not being cycle exact, but instead being accurate on an instruction basis only.

    The VIC II emulation is – as far as I'm sophisticated – complete but also not cycle exact. The same thing applies to the CIA emulation, whose accuracy is based on a VIC II line basis.